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Search Engine Marketing

SEM Services In Bangalore

Citric IDM provides SEM Services in Bangalore to ensure your business can rank on top of a Search Engine’s Paid Results.

Our team has experts who have hands-on experience in running ad campaigns and know exactly how to run SEM campaigns for the best results.

We keep trying different strategies & tactics so we understand what works for your business & what doesn’t. By doing this, our strategy improves with time so that we can keep delivering better results to you.

Target Audience

We conduct intensive research and ensure that you reach your exact target audience

Brand Awareness

Our team is sure to create SEM campaigns that will increase your Brand Awareness

Best ROI

We will create campaigns in such a way that you will get the best Return on Investment


We regularly create reports on the performance of the campaigns and adjust our strategy according to results

What SEM Services Do We Provide?

PPC campaigns

We create Pay Per Click Campaigns for your business so that customers find you when they’re looking for your products/services

Mobile App Installs

Our team will create and run campaigns using a strategy suited for your business to get maximum app installations

Display Advertising

We run image-based ads for your brand across various websites where your audience is present

Shopping Ads

We create shopping ads for E-commerce websites such that your business gets a high number of sales.

Video Advertising

We can create and run creative video ads for your business for a higher engagement with your audience

Banner Ads

We make creative banner ads and place them on the right pages to get you maximum conversions

Why come to Citric IDM for the best SEM Services?

Our team is dedicated to going above and beyond to give your business the best results. We realize the importance of research, and so we first carry out intensive research on your business, your online presence, and your competitors.Once we do this, we can create and run campaigns with a strategy that is a perfect fit for your business and requirements. Our success is in your success.

FAQ’s of SEM Services

What kind of companies does Citric IDM provide SEM Solutions to?

We provide SEM Services to all kinds of B2B, B2C, C2C, E-commerce companies from a variety of industries like Real Estate, Education, Medical, IT, etc.

Does Citric IDM provide a money-back guarantee on its SEM Services? 

Digital Marketing is based on mutual understanding and support between the client and the digital marketing agency. If there is proper support from the client’s side, and results are still not seen in the promised period of time, only then will a refund be provided.

Will I get a good Return on Investment with your services?

Yes, we provide a 100% ROI guarantee and we even mention it in writing. The ROI depends on the kind of service as well – SEO services take more time, SEM services take less time. SEO and SEM services can give you a higher ROI, while some services are more focused on improving brand

How much experience does your team hold?

Our Team holds over 10 years of experience and is sure to provide the best SEM  Services for your company.

Do you provide regular reports of your SEM  services? How often?

Yes, we provide regular reports every fortnight and every month.

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