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Digital Marketing Services

We at Citric IDM realize the importance of understanding clients and their requirements while providing Digital Marketing Services. Our goal is for our clients to reach a paramount position and establish their brand online. Our Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore follows a pay-on-performance model, focusing on providing the best digital marketing services.


We provide Digital Marketing Services with a 100% Guaranteed ROI


We believe in giving you efficient and quality services to help your Business grow


We aim our digital marketing efforts at creating and building your brand


We provide results beyond your expectations

Our Top Digital Marketing Services

SEO Services

Citric IDM has a team of experienced SEO professionals who will carry out immense research and give you the best results

SEM Services

We provide complete SEM solutions to rank on top of the Search Engine’s paid section.

Social Media Services

Citric IDM ensures to keep your followers engaged on social media, and deliver a high Return on Investment

Why Is Citric IDM The Best Digital Marketing Services Provider For Your Business?

Citric IDM is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore that will provide you with efficient and high-quality Online Marketing Services. We make sure we know exactly what our client’s requirements are, and provide results beyond their expectations.


We provide complete SEO services to get your business to reach and retain a higher position and get a better ROI

Online Reputation Management

We understand the importance of reputation hence we have ORM experts to enhance the ORM of your Business

Web Designining

Our Ultra-Creative Design Team makes sure to always create artistic and creative websites that your customers are sure to love


Citric IDM gives you SEM services involving intensive research to give you a better ROI with each click

Content Marketing

We make sure that any content we write for you will get customers to engage more with your business

Web Developement

We don’t only develop your website, we craft it withpassion to ensure a great platform for you to interact with your customers

Social Media

We look after Monitoring, Strategizing and Executing a creative and effective Social Media plan for your business

Banner Advertising

Our Team consists of Experts who know how to show your business to customers exactly when they are looking for it

Graphic Designing

They say that an image is worth a 1000 words. Our creative team successfully achieves this with all its images

What Others Say About Citric IDM

What this Digital Marketing Agency has achieved in the first two months of working together is quite simply exceptional! Their intelligence,proactive nature, responsiveness and most of all the organic search results they have achieved are great. – M. Nirneeth Reddy – CEO,Timeforpet   Citric IDM has been our best choice so far as a Digital Marketing Company. They have delivered results beyond their commitment and have built a solid brand for OMiT  -Ravikiran J – CEO, OMiT
Yes, we provide regular reports every fortnight and every month.
Our Team holds over 10 years of experience and is sure to provide the best Digital Marketing Services for your company.
Yes, we provide a 100% ROI guarantee and we even mention it in writing. The ROI depends on the kind of service as well – SEO services take more time, SEM services take less time. SEO and SEM services can give you a higher ROI, while some services are more focused on improving brand.
Digital Marketing is based on mutual understanding and support between the client and the digital marketing agency. If there is proper support from the client’s side, and results are still not seen in the promised period of time, only then will a refund be provided.
We provide Digital Marketing Solutions to all kinds of B2B, B2C, C2C, E-commerce companies from a variety of industries like Real Estate, Education, Medical, etc.

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